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I draw stuff, usually gaming or fandom related
Like pony stuff, sonic stuff, anthro stuff
Sometimes TF2 fan art and things like that

I can also be found on nsfw places like

And in some casual places like:

Also i'm known on youtube but that's another story


Ataque da Casa - Guests by Feline-gamer
Ataque da Casa - Guests

Link for the full pictures are on my Tumblr because it would be too heavy to fit them altogether…

The same thing from here…

This time featuring some guests we had recorded:

My brother, Sr. Wilson (ColoniaContraAtaca), Fresh (FreshGames), Ronaldo (GatoGalatico), and Miki (QueenCat)

Once again, our channels and theirs are completely in Portuguese  so i don’t think there’s much of a point seeing, i just share these pictures because it is my art after all, but if you’re curious, you can check them out

(Hacker voice) I'm in by Feline-gamer
(Hacker voice) I'm in
Decided to redesign Persept because he needs a complete revamp, nobody cares about him.
....I don't think this will change anyway, who cares about a mobian nowadays? WHO CARES ABOUT A DUDE CAT, WHO CAAARES
But he's my first guy since this profile was made, i can't forget him
So what changed? Well other than the clothing, i added more gadgets for hacking, he doesn't use guns anymore, he's just the hidden hacker of the team, and speaking of Team, you know he's member of Team Acme, right? Same team of these Three thieve gals…
So i added some of the main looks for them, the scarf and the face mark

Well that's mostly it tho, hope you all like this change
A single squid don't make a squad by Feline-gamer
A single squid don't make a squad
That's why i made up 3 more because apPARENTLY I CAN'T HAVE ENOUGH CHARACTERS AM I RIGHT

So now i have a full team of squids, they go on ranked battles and splat stuff up, fighting their way to S Rank.... They are good but, you know, there's a lot of squids out there
We have here...

Nilina: The Splatcharger specialist, she's arrogant, dirty mouthed, and competitive, even then, she believes on her team skills, and tries her best to keep 'em strong. She's proud of her skills, and even though she's competitive, she knows she won't go nowhere without a good teamwork.... But she can't help herself and put herself on the line of danger when things are going badly, but with her weapons she doesn't go far
Her favorite weapon is the Kelp Splatterscope

P.D : A surprising Splattershoter, he's shy and get scared easily, but got a mean aim, he's there on the turf wars to have fun with his friends, and always ready to assist his buddies. Always a good helper charging up his Echolocator, or using a bubble shield depending of the weapon, and is very good at surprise attacks
His favorite weapon is the N-ZAP 85 and the Splattershot Jr. he can't go wrong with them

Kobe: The Splattling enthusiast, he's strong, he's courageous, and kind-hearted, but on another hand, he's lazy and acts without thinking. On the turf wars he know's exactly how  much he has to shot through, he acts as a the tanker to get his team to safety with a bubbler and his own defense, and cleans a area of enemies without a problem, but tends to stick close to teammates in case they need help.
His favorite weapon is the Mini Splattling

Cristy: The inkbrush ninja, she is sweet and playful, can be too forward at times tho. On the turf war she always give a starting trail for teammates, and with enough ink on the ground, you never know when she'll hit, that can be a tad difficult for her teammates, since they never know where she can be found, but always surprise them on a good way
Her favorite weapon is the Inkbrush obviously

Well i actually wrote a lot of their description, dang.

Anyway, hope you enjoy those inklings.... ALSO PLAY SPLATOON CUZ IS SO GOOD YO

Splatoon and Inklings belongs to Nintendo
Character designs by me.
Ataque da Casa by Feline-gamer
Ataque da Casa
So, here's the thing:
Me and my roommates, we have this let's play channel, since we already work with videos and video games so why the heck not
We started with only our IRL pictures for our opening, but i said "you know what, i'm gonna draw us to use on the actual intro"
And so i did
I'm not gonna share with y'all because it's all portuguese so why would i
But i liked the illustration so that's enough    

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aaand thanks for keeping eye on meh ;)
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Oh thank you friendooo
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FlameRPGFAN Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
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Agora só da Satty mas sim eu sou
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ei Felino, e a serie de Undertale pacifista/ genocida?
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Para pra pensar uma coisinha bem rapidinho
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Agora...Pergunte-se o seguinte...
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10/10 os desenhos Felino! 
Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho 
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